Thursday, 13 March 2014

Peru 2

I'm nearly two weeks into my stay in the Amazon, and it's such an incredible place. From where I'm writing this I can see a huge expanse of green stretching into the distance, and them beyond that, the foothills of the Andes. On clear days I can even see the very tops of them, covered with snow!

In my first week I've seen masses of birds, as well as several species of primate, a Southern Tamandua (unfortunately didn't have a camera for this though!) and 2 White-collared Peccaries. Photography is hard in the forest though, as a lot of the birds are in the canopy which is 30m above the ground, and the light levels are very low when birds do come lower. When I'm in the forest my ISO doesn't fall below 1600 very often!

Fortunately there is a lot of wildlife around the open area where the station buildings are, and that is where I've done quite a lot of photography. It overlooks the river and the forest beyond so can be a good place to see things.

 Cocoi Herons are regular flypasts.
 On my first morning I was up to see this mist over the forest before the sun rose.
One morning I was able to see 3 Capybaras on the beach of the river.

There is also a canopy tower which stretches 60m up into the sky. The view from the top is spectacular, and although when I was up there last week I didn't manage to photograph the macaws this time, there were 2 White-throated Toucans duetting with each other.

Out on the trails one morning I came across a White-collared Peccary. They don't have very good sight or hearing, so I was able to get quite close.
That's all for this time, but I'll try to do another post in a week or so with some more shots!


  1. Oh Oscar.. I'm so enjoying your marvellous trip to Peru... more please when you can :D

  2. Spectacular landscape, beautifully captured

  3. Wow... Great pictures, and great wildlife! How envious I am...