Thursday, 14 February 2013


Earlier this month, London was covered in a thick layer (for us anyway!) of snow for at least 3 days. We don't get enough of the white stuff down here, so I spent as much time as possible out photographing in it. Predictably, I went to see my foxes, and despite struggling to find them at all to begin with, by the end of 2 days I'd got some shots I was really pleased with.

On the first afternoon I only really got two pictures I was pleased with:
 I also found this Robin perched in the snow.
The following day I was out again, this time in the falling snow, and I was keen to get some pictures of the animals against a completely white background.

This one, however, is probably my favourite from the day:
I do have some other fox images to show you, but I'll leave them for next week.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Can you beat a fox? Not likely, not when the images are as top-class as this.

    1. Thanks very much Christian, really appreciate it!