Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year's Day Photography

My first photography of the year was on New Year's Day, when I returned to Mill Hill to in the hope that the waxwings would still be there. Unfortunately when I got there I saw that there were no berries left on the trees, and the waxwings had appeared to have moved on. I did see a group of 15 flying over, but non perched. There was another birder there who told me that the large group of at least 80 had flown just before I got there, but he told me of some places he thought they might be. I set off, but it was in vain as I couldn't relocate them. I headed back to the original spot, and as I did, the group flew over my head and landed above where they have been for the past few days! A few then came down into the berry trees, although they didn't stay for long.
After a couple of minutes however, they took off again and flew out of sight.

After this, I headed to Kensington Gardens as a goosander had been present all morning, and it is not particularly common for central London. It wasn't hard to find thanks to the help of Des McKenzie, and I was soon enjoying very good views of it. Unfortunately the area it was frequenting meant that I couldn't get any water level images, but I'm sure I'll get another opportunity one day!
I also went to see one of the resident Tawny Owls in the park. This year I'm going to make an effort to go and see the chicks when the hatch as it's something I haven't seen before.
I was also able to get a couple of images of gulls with nice backgrounds due to the late afternoon sun lighting up a bush, the orange colour of which was reflected in the water.

I'm off to Dorset soon, so will hopefully get some shots I'm pleased with there, although things might be a bit far away, so the birding might be better than the photography.

Thanks for reading.

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