Monday, 10 December 2012

Autumnal stuff

A few shots taken recently in my local park. On the way in one afternoon, I spotted several blackbirds foraging in the leaf litter, and so sat on the edge of the path and waited for them to get close enough.

I have also managed a couple of shots of Jays this autumn.

And a couple of a Grey Squirrel, taken under the same tree as the Jays!

And a Robin.
 And lastly, a Wood Pigeon.
Thanks for reading


  1. Great shots! particularly the female Blackbird.

  2. Such a beautiful photographs collection looking so great images.Thanks a lot for sharing with us. I'll visit your blog again.

  3. A lovely set, Oscar. The second Jay shot is a beauty.

    1. Thanks Andy, yes that's one of my favourites too. Was a nice easy one to get as well: just threw some peanuts down under the tree and waited for half an hour!