Friday, 26 October 2012

Last of the Deer (probably)

This will be my last post on Red Deer in the rut for the year. I've spent a lot of time at Richmond Park, but am hoping to move onto something else for the Winter. I've just come back from 4 days in Norfolk, so will do a post on that at some point coming up.

These first two images were taken on a morning where there was no sun until about 9am. As it turns out though, they are among my favourites I've taken there.

And here's another image taken in overcast conditions, but later in the day.
I do still like taking this kind of image though.
And here's one taken with the light.
Thanks for looking


  1. An excellent set, but the third image is very special.

    Quality work, Oscar.

  2. Excellent, varied set, Oscar. The last one is my favourite.

  3. Thanks Christian. Interesting to see people's views on their favourites. Mine is the first image!