Saturday, 6 October 2012

From the archives

I was out at the London Wetlands Centre this afternoon, so have a few shots to post from there at some point next week, and I'm off to Richmond Park tomorrow morning for dawn, so hopefully should get some nice ones there. Just two images from me today, taken at the London Wetland Centre last year. Speaking of the London Wetland Centre, it won't be long until the Bitterns return for the Winter, and you can be sure to find me camped in a hide waiting for them! Anyway, I found these images while looking through old files on my hard disk, a nice Mute Swan and a Coot. Unusual I know!

For the first, the sun was hitting some trees in the background which gave the water a nice faint orange colour.

This second image is another one taken in the evening, and I love the colours of the water and the light on the bird.

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