Monday, 15 October 2012

Foxy lady (or man)

The title probably gives away what this post is going to be about. For some time I've known that there are foxes at a golf club near me, but have never really tried all that hard to photograph them. This winter, as well as photographing the Bitterns, I am also going to hopefully start photographing foxes as well. I stumbled across a lucky encounter today; as I was finishing my round of golf, a fox trotted across the green in front of me. It didn't seem bothered by me, so I left my clubs to the side, and set off after the fox. I soon refound it sniffing around in the long grass, and so thought I would try and approach until it seemed bothered. That moment never came, as it was never bothered by me. I eventually sat down, and it came within a metre of me. Unfortunately I only had my 200-400 with me, and it was quite dark, so I was restricted in the types of shots I could get. Before too long, it had had enough, and turned around and disappeared into the trees.

To give you an idea of how close it was, here's a video from my phone. It's camera's not great, but it shows its proximity to me!
I also took a few shots of it:

 Thanks for looking


  1. The second shot of him/her walking towards you is a 'corker', Oscar.

    1. Thanks Christian. I'm hopefully going to go back a few times to try and get some more shots, it seems too good an opportunity to miss

  2. Great shots, Oscar. Hope you got a few 'birdies' to go with the Foxes!