Sunday, 30 September 2012

The usual

As usual, I was at Richmond Park again on Saturday morning. Despite the good forecast, most of the mist evaporated fairly quickly, but I still managed to get some shots. There were a pair of stags rutting out in the open, so I waited for the sun to come up and started shooting them.
I then spotted a stag in the distance, and by shooting almost directly into the sun, it was surrounded by a golden glow.

 I moved on, and came to a stag in some longer grass which looked very nice in the early morning light, and even nicer when it bellowed!
After he had walked off into the trees, I found a young stag, and did something very unusual for me at this time of year; I took one with the light behind me!
That's all the images I have for today. If the forecast is good next weekend, I'll be back there again; hopefully there will be some more mist though!

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