Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Some more Deer!

On Friday evening I saw the the forecast was for clear skies, so that meant I was setting my alarm clock to get up at 5am on Saturday for another dawn trip to Richmond Park. I hoped that there would be as much mist as there had been last time, and when I arrived, I saw the low-lying areas carpeted with a thick layer of mist, although it quickly disappeared higher up. I couldn't see much through the mist, but could hear a Stag bellowing, so followed the sound to find a large group including two stags. After I had walked through a small copse to get ahead of them and so that I was shooting into the light, the two stags started to square up.

And it wasn't long before they started to go at each other.
After the two stags had moved off into the woods, I focused on taking some shots of the young deer that were around.

And of this young Stag as he walked through the long grass.
I then noticed that Jackdaws were jumping onto the backs of the Deer.

The rut is gradually getting started now, so if the forecast is good next weekend, I'm bound to be down there again next weekend.

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  1. Stunning Oscar. I love the battle scenes, especially.

  2. Thanks Christian, much appreciated