Friday, 14 September 2012


I was at Richmond Park last Saturday for dawn, and the light was superb. To give you an idea, here are a couple of shots:
It's getting to that time of year when the park becomes heaving with photographers who have come to photograph the deer rut. Last weekend I only came across another two photographers, but I have a feeling that if I'm there tomorrow I might see a few more!

Anyway, here's one of a group of geese flying through the mist, and a Fallow Deer stag in the mist, before sunrise.
The long grasses were covered in spiders' webs, so while I waited for the sun to come up I took a couple of shots.
 As I was walking through the bracken. I heard a Reed Bunting calling, and found it perched on top of the vegetation. I wanted to get it with its beak open, but it wasn't going to when I was pointing my camera at it, and I was handholding!
Just as the sun was breaking through the mist, I found a group of Fallow Deer in a small copse. The sun was starting to stream through the trees, and I noticed a spot which the sunlight was about to hit. When a fallow deer mother and fawn walked into it, I started taking pictures. On hearing the shutter, both looked up at me, and I took this.
I also found two stags standing next to each other in the mist.
I'll be back there again tomorrow morning as the forecast is good, so hopefully will have some more shots to post next week!

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  1. Your shot of the hind and young is superb, Oscar.

    I do miss Richmond and Bushy Parks now I'm not living up there... especially at this time of the year

    Good luck for tomorrow in finding your subjects :D

  2. Beautiful Oscar. It's definitely worth getting up early!

  3. Thanks Christian, yes it definitely is!