Sunday, 26 August 2012

Common Terns and some news

I have spent a couple of occasions photographing Common Terns this Summer, both of which involved 4am starts! It was worth it though, as the light was superb both times. Just after the sun came up, I tried some backlit images, and would follow the bird as it flew, taking images when it passed through the light from the sun.

After the sun had risen a bit more, I turned my attention to the adults feeding the juveniles on a raft on the other side of me. It was a bit of a job to get low to the water, but I think I just about managed to get low enough. I waited for the adult to catch a fish, before lying down and waiting for it to come to the juveniles.

I also got some shots of individual birds.

In other news, I was asked about a month ago if I would like to have an online gallery of my Bittern photos featured on the BBC Wildlife website. The gallery is now live, here:

My new website is also up and running (almost), and you can see that here:

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  1. i admire the beauty of these photos and their quality ; really wonderful !