Friday, 20 July 2012

Seabirds from Skomer

I recently returned from staying two nights on Skomer. It's a fantastic island, and what's especially good is that by staying overnight you have the island to yourself (except for the wardens, a few volunteers, and the other overnight guests) up until 10am, and from about 4.30pm. Here a few shots of seabirds other than Puffins.

First up a couple of Guillemots:

And a couple of Razorbills:

And now a couple of a rather unusual find, a Manx Shearwater out of its burrow in daylight.

Here's a few of the ubiquitous Lesser Black-backed Gulls

And last but not least, a Kittiwake in front of one of the hides:

Next time I'll have some more Skomer shots to show.

Thanks for reading


  1. Love that top Guillemot shot, Oscar! You know I'm a mush addict! Staying on the island obviously gave you enviable opportunities and you've returned with some superb shots. More, please!

    1. Thanks Rosie, yeah it was certainly worth it

  2. Unfortunately, the brown residue on this bird's underside appears to be oil contamination. It's probably already ingested fatal amounts during preening and is on the way out - hence the reason it was seen loafing about on land in daylight. NPW

  3. Sorry, I don't think that I made it clear that I was referring to the Manx Shearwater. NPW.