Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Minsmere - Marsh Harriers

While I was waiting for Bitterns, there were usually several marsh harriers floating over the reeds. Here is one from a dawn start one morning, quartering over the reeds in the mist before the sun had risen.

As the sun came up over the trees, it shone through the Marsh Harriers' wings giving lovely backlighting.

Here is another one with the light coming from a different direction.

Next up will be some more Bitterns.

Thanks for reading


  1. Particularly like the top one. They are really difficult because they never seem to come near enough at Minsmere. Go and sit up Gypsy lane next time see if you get some luck.
    Love the new header BUT push the print a tad higher so it doesn't go straight through the Bittern head!!!

    Hope the revision isn't totally poisoning your existence!

    1. Thanks Rosie. Yeah I don't know how to push the text up, and I couldn't be bothered to fiddle with it!

  2. Hi Oscar

    This is a beautiful series, wonderful and varying light on the first two and the final hunting pose is stunning.