Friday, 10 February 2012

London Wetland Centre

Some more from the London Wetland Centre at the end of January. I was, as usual on the lookout for Bitterns and, as usual, I didn't get any shots of them! Anyway, I did at least get some other shots, starting with these Reed Buntings which were in the reeds to the left of one of the hides when I walked in.

When these had left and there seemed to be little else about, I moved on to the next hide. On my way I passed the cafe, where I noticed that there were a number of Rose-ringed Parakeets flying around the courtyard and inspecting holes in the wall.

As well as the Parakeets, there was also a Jackdaw sitting on top of one of the rooves.

After this, I moved on to another hide. Just outside was a rather tame Robin, so I lay on the ground and waited for it to get close enough.

Not a particularly original image I know, but one I like nonetheless.

In the next hide there were many ducks, including these three Shoveler which flew past.

There were also a number of Mallards, including this one which swam past against some nice dark water.

And just before I had to go, this gull flew past.

That's all for this time, but I was out today and got some nice Redwing, Snipe, and Coot images, so they will be appearing soon!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Absolutely stunning Oscar. The colours in the first shots are gorgeous.