Saturday, 25 February 2012

The last of the ice

This is another from the backlog of posts which I have, and there images were taken at the London Wetland Centre just before the ice disappeared again.

The first image I took was possibly my favourite from the day, a Robin singing in the scrub. It's always nice when you take an image and barely have to do anything to it in Photoshop!

From here I moved on the the hide, where there were quite a few ducks in front of it. There was a small patch of ice to one side, which was frequented by a Gadwall, Mallard, and Coot.

Walking down the Thames on the way home, there are always plenty of Gulls around, and this time I decided to try and photograph some of them.

The last image has the colourful houses of Hammersmith in the background.

I still have a couple more posts which I need to do, and the next one of those will be the Bitterns at last! 

Thanks for reading


  1. Some more fabulous shots, Oscar. Love the coot shot and the funky background in the last one!

    1. Thanks Simon, yes I upped the apperture to f10 for the last one I think as I wanted more of that bg!